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15 Examples of Cool Sports Websites For Design Inspiration

Published: 4st December 2017

Looking to set up a sports website with a reseller hosting account? The theme of sports is an interesting one because there's so much emotion and energy that can be put into the design. It's different from other types of sites because the presentation actually needs to excite, engage and inspire physical energy.

That's why we've set out to find great examples of amazing sports websites. Even if you're simply looking to market a reseller hosting service, it helps to offer unique bonuses like templates. These examples should help give you ideas for creating new designs for your website or coming up with sports themes/templates you can give away.

1. Yeti Cycles

While this is an eCommerce site that sells bikes and related biking gear, there's a lot of effort into integrating the visual aspects of the sport in the store. You'll see beautiful photos of action shots that also incorporate beautiful nature backdrops. It captures the imagination of the target audience and really shows what their products are capable of.

2. Oxford Parkour

Oxford Parkour captures the gritty feel of the sport. It uses a concrete background for the background picture and features many photos of the athletes in motion. The design is actually very simple but the color scheme and detailed photos is what really brings it together.

3. All Football Everything

This is another eCommerce store that sells football lifestyle gear. There are so many great things that are going on that it's hard to figure where to start. The main page starts with a background video and photo collages of their clothing line. As you move deeper in the page you'll awesome uses of big typography, attention grabbing transition effects and interactive shopping elements.

4. Seattle Seahawks

The official site of the Seattle Seahawks delivers everything fans could possibly want. It's a content driven website that uses a blog format to layout the content. Unlike most sports sites, it's easy to browse, read the articles and browse through the various media that's on the site. The site also does a good job of integrating promotional offers for tickets and gear into the content.

5. Alexd Racing

While this is a very load intensive website, it does a great job in engaging you and spiking up your adrenaline. It's a motorcross racing website that starts out with an action packed video set by the sounds of a driving soundtrack. The design uses full-page photo sections which help tell a great story. It does need better structure and work into decreasing load times but the forward design wins a lot of respect.

6. Tesla Carting

This website is designed for an all-electric go kart racing arena in Russia. The design is very futuristic and reminds you of the movie Tron. The black, white, red and teal works incredibly well here. The black really sets the tone for the futuristic elements while the other colors create a contrast to make the content, icons and other design elements pop.

7. Leeds Golf Center

This is one of the most original presentations that we've seen for a website. It starts with a geometric transparent cut away on the upper right hand side of the side. This transparent cut away plays a looping video that shows excerpts of the golf course. The rest of the website is lead by graphics and photos that appear in various shapes but come together in a feng shui way.

8. Ryan Giggs

There isn't anything complex about this design but it is just simply beautiful. The design starts out with a regular slider with professional photos. Instead of regular photos, each slider is tinted with a different color from red, pink, purple, to blue. The rest of the site is organized into blog blurbs which bring up the tints again according to the type of content you're hovering over.

9. For H

This is another website that starts with a video background. It's a Japanese site that promotes a healthy lifestyle. It uses beautiful typography, integrates infographic style design elements, and uses various layouts to keep you engaged and in anticipation of the upcoming content as you scroll deeper into the page.

10. Australian Combat & Exercise

This combat and exercise group presents their site with a professional approach. They use a clean white website with strong typography and high quality photos. This minimalist approach works well in positioning their website as educational and adding credibility for their services.

11. Malibu Boats

We're seeing more websites using video backgrounds combined with strong headlines/titles. This boating company does a good job of using a video to sell the lifestyle of owning a boat. It also has a strong headline that combined graphic cues to drive users to continue browsing. Another great element is the transparent top navigation menu that doesn't distract you from the rest of the site.

12. Shaolin Shi Xing Mi

If you have stunning photos, you can let it drive the design and presentation of your site. This martial arts website is a prime example of this. It features a slider that consists of high quality, full-page photos. Outside of that, it's a simple white background site with neatly organized content.

13. Dominic Thiem

This official site of Dominic Thiem is truly inspirational. It features a pull out side bar menu that's super user friendly. Most of the pages also use a video background as which is a good complement to the actual content. The transition graphic of a tennis ball bouncing while you're browsing from one page to the next is also a nice and relevant addition as well.

14. Bear Sears by Patagonia

Patagonia created an immersive multimedia presentation that brings awareness about preserving Bears Sears. The navigation is really fluid, the presentation is seamless and the content tells a powerful story. It also features some advanced features such as the ability to look around the videos and interactive integrations from Google Earth.

15. Reebok

Reebok's website is one of the most impressive sports themed sites you'll land on. It balances strong visuals, user-friendly navigation and clean layouts. The site structure makes it easy to browse their massive site and their search options really help you hone in on what you're looking for. Reebok proves that eCommerce sites don't have to be annoying or hard to use.

The most common characteristic of a well-designed sports website seems to be rooted in the visuals and layout. Make sure you put in the time into taking great photos. Organize your content and images in a way that is easy to understand and consume. Doing these two things will put you miles ahead of most generic sports themed websites.

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