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10 Important Tools to Create a Mobile Version of Your Website

Published: 1st September 2017

Mobile traffic has recently surpassed traditional desktop and laptop connections across the web. More and more users are accessing websites, games, and online forums from smartphones and tablets every year. The best way to ensure your content displays well on these newer devices is to create a mobile version of your website. Mobile websites can be built from scratch, converted from traditional websites, or even created by inserting responsive web elements onto a standard website. Check out these top 10 tools to get started making a mobile version of your website today.

1. gomymobi.com

free website & store builder

gomymobi.com is a web platform to help you create fully responsive business websites without the need to invest in hours of costly development time or expensive fees for dedicated web services. Beside, you'll be able to create Unlimited stores to sell your creative products directly to buyers over the world.

2. Google Mobile-Friendly Checker

Perhaps the most important starting place when building a mobile version of your website is the popular Mobile-Friendly testing application by Google. This online application can check over your website in just minutes and issue a report on which areas of your site are already mobile-friendly. This will reduce your workload when it comes time to recreate content for mobile versions of your site.

3. Winksite

You don't need any knowledge of programming or even HTML to make a mobile website or mobile-friendly forum with this powerful online tool. Winksite can get you started building mobile versions of any website within minutes with a simple point and click process. This online tool also allows you to make mobile-friendly quizzes and forms for inclusion on your site.

4. Local

Local is a WordPress development application from the company Flywheel that can help you build responsive, adaptive themes for mobile websites. This automated debugger and theme builder is a great way to start making your content mobile if you're new to programming but comfortable with WordPress in general. Make sure your web hosting is optimized for WordPress if going this route.

5. MobiSiteGalore

MobiSiteGalore is an online mobile site building application that allows you to upload and convert your current code and content to create a new mobile version of any website. This process takes less than an hour for most users and the results are stunning. Use this option if you have a full-feature web hosting package that allows for HTML and CSS websites.

6. Mofuse

Mofuse is another great option for current website owners and administrators. This tool does cost around $7 per month but comes with professional featureslike mobile email and contact forms that are ready to be installed on your website. This is the best option for users who already have content and don't mind paying a few dollars for a quick and easy conversion process.

7. bMobilized

bMobilized is one of the most powerful tools on this list for creating mobile versions of websites from traditional sites. This online tool says it can convert your site to make sure it displays well on over 1000 mobile devices. This comprehensive conversion process will ensure no user is left behind as they visit your site on the web. To use this powerful online tool all you need to do is paste your website's URL into the input field on the tool's homepage. The site will then run an analysis of your content and determine what code needs to be changed to conform to mobile standards.

8. Weebly Mobile Site Builder

If you've ever wanted to build your own mobile theme from a point and click interface then this a is a great online tool for you. The Weebly Mobile Site Builder allows users to create mobile sites and themes without knowledge of HTML or CSS. There is also a free version of this tool for site-owners who don't mind the Weebly logo remaining under their content.

9. Wirenode

Wirenode is a popular tool for creating mobile sites out of traditional desktop-based websites. This website editor and code converter is free for personal use and includes a step-by-step guide for easy conversion.

10. mobiReady

mobiReady is an advanced tool for web developers to test their website for mobile-readiness. This online tool does have a free trial, and can detect and canalize the entirety of your site's code for responsiveness and potential conflicts via mobile-browser testing modes. The online mobiReady tool has an API available for developers wanting to dig deeper into the testing environments.

More useful tools to create your elegant, stunning & mordern websites

Adobe Express

The Adobe Express logo maker quickly brings you AI-generated quality logos that can be shared across all your printed and digital platforms. This logo design tool allows you to create for free on many platforms: web, Anrdoid, iOS.

These tools will help you convert your traditional web content into a mobile friendly platform that displays well on any device. Take advantage of the code converters, editors, and free quiz, form, and poll creators to make your site relevant on the modern web. Since most web traffic is now being displayed onmobile devices, you'll have an advantage over any site without a mobile-specific version or responsive theme.

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