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  1. Tap the address bar and type about:config then press Enter.
  2. Press I'll be careful, I promise! button to go to Firefox seting page.
  3. Type javascript.enabled into the Search box; then double click this setting row to set its state to true.
Firefox 22- (old layout) on WindowsShortcut: F10/Alt ➡ T ➡ O ➡ Content ➡ Enable JavaScript
  1. Press Alt key if you can not see Menu Bar; then select Tools menu, pick Options item.
  2. Select the Content tab when the Options window pops out.
  3. Mark the Enable JavaScript checkbox, then hit OK to save the changes and close the Options popup.
  4. Reload (F5) the page.
  1. In the Apple/System bar, select the Firefox menu item; then pick Preferences... from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select the Content icon/tab and mark the Enable JavaScript checkbox.
  3. Close the Options window to save your changes then refresh the page.
  1. Tap the address bar and type about:config then press Enter.
  2. Type javascript into the Search Settings box, press Enter to find.
  3. Scroll down to javascript.enabled (second parameter) and tap Toggle button to switch it to true/false.
  4. Reload your browser to see the changes.
Basically, we think if you choosed Linux to use, perhaps you are good enough to maintain all things to work perfectly. Certainly you know how to change many Firefox configs / preferrences as you want.

So we do not guide you at here.
Best regards.
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